Monday, December 29, 2008

Portrait of a Cat: Blue Boy

My Blue Boy, graceful Gainspurrough,
The largest one of the entire brood:
Your beauteous satin-velvet quietude
Makes you a bashful, blithe, ideal beau!

You own no flake nor fleck that tends towards snow:*
Like twilight with its mild and mythic mood
On slate-gray paws, in pious habitude,
Into the room you gradually flow.

A soft-edged, solemn, graceful evening mist,
A solemn mystery, wreathed in a purr!
You move into a room sedate and wise;
Like the last touch of moonlight you exist!
You glide: a platinum-blue chinchilla blur
Into the real, with your round aqua eyes!

copyright 2007 Anissa Nedzel Gage

* Incidentally, he does actually have a small spot on his tummy, which I had to use my poetic license to neglect.

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