Monday, December 29, 2008

A Scrap of Catteral for Freya

Lay down your head, you Ninny! You old dear!
You have a home: there's no reason to fear!
Lightening, stinging hail, sleet, sweeping rain:
It's just a storm: it's not a hurricane!

Forget the grim years when you were a stray,
Back when you scurried on through night and day,
When hunger made you reedier than a rail
And frost nipped you to ice: whiskers to tail.

Now you're so round and warm, cozy and dry,
Bold, sassy, nimble, and no longer shy;
Curled up you're sleeker than a sable hat,
In truth we must admit you're rather fat!

So Hush! Go back to sleep, you little loon!
I'm sure the storm will end by afternoon!

Copyright 1995 Anissa Nedzel Gage

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