Friday, December 19, 2008


Like a wild hawk with eyes of flame and fire
And a majestic gaze she conquers all,
And in her graceful pride, all those that fall
In admiration become knight and squire!
How many decades, with a queen's desire,
Has she ruled hearts that, dovelike, quail in thrall,
In trembling praise of beauty stern and tall,
So quick to strike: swift from her lofty spire.
Her beauty, not crimped prettiness, her fierce
Her eagle aegis captivates us all
And we freeze hushed, lest our fine falcon stoop
And we lose sight of her where the winds fall;
Lest her wild eyes, filled with bright thought, pierce
New horizons, and she heavenwards swoop.

copyright Anissa Nedzel Gage 2008

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