Sunday, January 11, 2009


You're Eden now! You're Paradise! And me?
I wish I had God's powers: I wish that I were free
To fulfill every wish in the sea
Of dreams: to give you a gift for every
Breath you take and a thousand worlds for every
Sigh; but I stand here mortal, with
Time, loss and change flowing through my hands
Like the old hourglass and all of its sands.
Now in this hollow age
That stretches on before me, this gray age,
This stone tunnel closing in around me, I pray
For miracles in words, for some magic rhymes to say
That I adore you, distant as Mercury,
Like leaves love light and white dunes kiss the sea,
But words are old and have no sanctity.
So still, I search for something
More precious than poems to give you
Knowing I can't bring
Wildflowers to spring
Or afford the song
That nightingales sing
In heartbreak to themselves.
I long
For the stars: to pour them out before you!

Copyright 1990 Anissa Nedzel Gage

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