Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portrait of a Cat : Baby Boy,

Sir Edmund Hilary was not as brave!
Paw over paw you scaled the mattress blue:
Your tiny claws like pitons, stave on stave:
A valiant heart, magnificent and true!

You were still white, from tip of nose to tail!
Your eyes not even fully open yet;
Although you turned your mama's whiskers pale,
Upon a polar expedition set,

You crawled up spring and mattress every night,
And every morn she kitten-napped you home,
While you put up a fuss, acted a fright:
I'm still so honored, little honeycomb!

How could I find a name for one so rare?
You purring puddy hamster in my hair!

Anissa Nedzel Gage copyrignt 2009

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