Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portrait of a Cat : Baby Boy Part Two

Well, first your widdle shoesies settled in:
Yes, they stayed white while your long legs turned blue;
And then your snazzy cravat seemed to win
A snowier hue, in place under your chin.

A lovely twilight color: snowshoe true!
O how you, though then bottle-fed, then grew!
With ever squeaky purr and murrp and mew:
A macho pussycat, so masculine!

With your long elegant poise and lovely line,
I tried the Earl of Aquamarine once:
You're such a cuddlepuss that just didn't fit,
You Puss-in-Bootsky! Baby Boy Feline!
So I now ransack all my rusty wit,
A great big unimaginative dunce!

Anissa Nedzel Gage copyright 2009

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