Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portrait of a Cat:: Baby Boy Part Three

My baby boy! My Puss-in-Bootsky boy!
My silvery-bluesky snowshoe-siamese!
My,toosky, perhaps bitsky tonkinese!
My shoesky bootsky boy! My jiminy joy!

My bouncing baby boy! How I enjoy
Your long gray elegant nose! Yes, if you please,
It's swank and so svelte even if you sneeze,
My oriental lion from Illinois.

You have those almond aquamarine eyes!
My babykins, you're draped over my chest,
Your nose and paws entangled in the nest
You've made out of my hair: apologize!

My purring pouncing purrfessional puss
Who makes me such an amateurish wuss!

Anissa Nedzel Gage copyright 2009

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