Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Hat

I didn't write these lines to buy your love!
I wouldn't blackmail you. I'm not a brat!
I'm an old sap: a googly turtledove
Who cries at things that are a bit old hat.
Don't act as if I'm a compulsive liar!
Whatever makes you happy makes me gain.
I love you. Come. So why would I conspire
To rob you of your rights and bring me pain.
If you're in love now then well life is hard.
Excuse my butting in! I've about-faced.
I'm a mad, mortal, and myopic bard:
Sometimes my better judgment I've misplaced.

So please forget me but forgive me first.
Please! Meaning well we often do the worst.

Copyright 1992 Anissa Nedzel Gage

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